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Cow Split Leather Work Gloves Green Cotton Back

Work Gloves

Work Gloves

Cow Split Working Glove with Green Cotton Back and Rubberized Cuff

We Use
Chrome tanning Cow Split leather in natural chrome leather color,
Green cotton in the back as well as in rubberized cuff.

Ideal for regular Construction, Electrical, Maintenance, Gardening, and Many other general Heavy-duty applications

Barkhia International Provides Leather safety gloves that are the preferred choice in industries.  we sell a variety of highly durable leather safety gloves. Our products are made with great material for more comfort and support on the job. which helps your team stay safe, warm, and comfortable in the field. We sell cut-resistant gloves and those designed for electrical safety. Regardless of what industry you work in, you can find the right type of glove for the job.

Available in Different Sizes, Half and Full Lining, Customize Printing, &  CE Certification on Demand

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