best leather hand & arm welding sleeves

welding sleeves for welder’s

best leather hand & arm

Material: Split Leather

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leather hand & arm

Safety is the first priority during any heavy-duty work. Mask protects your face and eyes from harmful radiation, but that’s not enough. Welding sleeves are pulled on over the wrist to protect the arms from flame and sparks while working.

The primary purpose of welding sleeves is to protect your arms from skin-damaging materials from cuts and injuries. Especially for welder’s arms protection full sleeve is essential. welding sleeves available in different materials depending on your work nature. Split Leather gloves, leather welding sleeves, welding arm sleeves, are famous types for best leather hand & arm and it gives the best protection to you. Because it is made of strong synthetic material suitable for industrial use and protects you from sharp and challenging material as well.
Cow split Leather is most useable in this field. It provides the Highest work capabilities and maximum protection.

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